Cast Steel Double Window Sight Glass Flanged

Side Plate ASTM A351 Gr. CF8 / CF8M
Bolt & Nut SS304 / SS316
Gasket PTFE
Glass Borosilicate


We are one of the reputed marketer and distributor of Cast Steel Double Window Sight Glass flanged of the industry. We source the items from the leading manufacturers.

Sight flow glasses are used as indicators for monitoring the flow of the liquid within the pipelines. These sight flow indicators are mainly used to identify the flow of the stream and these are available in different shapes and materials. The body of the indicator is made of cast steel and hence these indicators can be used for a long time. These double window sight glass flanged with cast steel mainly operates in two ways. These are visual observations and another is carrying supervision process. These indicators are inexpensive and are able to monitor the color and transparency in the fluid lines.

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