Industrial gate valves are designed to operate as isolation valves which stop the flow of a medium to a given location. They are commonly used in pipelines to provide flow logic or connect external equipment to a system. Such valves are used for a wide variety of applications for pressure, temperature, and caliber. To learn more about the advantages of using an industrial gate valve, continue reading.

Fluid resistance

Gate valves offer a very small fluid resistance. The minimal fluid resistance is due to the straight inner media channel of the body which allows the medium to flow directly through the valve without changing direction. As such, the flow’s path is unobstructed.


Gate valves are an energy-efficient valve option, as the movement direction or ram is perpendicular to the media flow direction. As a result, less power is consumed when opening or closing the gate valves in comparison to globe valves. Due to their energy-efficiency, they help reduce total ownership cost.

Simple body

Gate valves are composed of a relatively simple body. Therefore, they are easier to operate compared to isolation valves with more complex designs.

Dual flow direction

Gate valves have the capacity to be used in any direction in the circuit. In other words, their media flow is unobstructed for all directions of the valve body and they aren’t subject to the medium’s directional flow. This makes them ideal for use in pipelines where the flow direction may change depending on the medium.

Minimal erosion

In comparison to other valve options, gate valves typically experience less erosion on their sealing surface when they are fully open. This minimal erosion is largely attributed to the valve’s tight seal functioning.

Minimum pressure loss

Due to the laminar flow that they provide, the pressure loss of gate valves is minimal. It’s always helpful when pressure loss can be mitigated.

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