Cast Iron Ball Float Steam Traps

Material Detail :
No. Part Material Qty.
1 Body Cast Iron IS 210 Gr 22 01
2 Cover Cast Iron IS 210 Gr 22 01
3 Valve Seat SS 304 01
4 Ball Float SS 304 01
5 Airvent Assv. SS 304 01
6 Bolt & Nuts M . S. 01
7 Braket Assv. SS 304 01
8 Drain Plua CS 01
9 SLR Unit SS 304 / Brass 01
10 Gasket Asbestors 01


all float traps which are made of cast iron are perfect for all types of heating applications. These entire float traps are designed in such a nice way that the valve seat gets merged under the water and prevent any loss of steam. The basic advantages of ball float steam traps can be mentioned as follows.

  • The condensate can be discharged faster
  • These float traps are able to provide excellent capacity for air venting. These are also self adjusting for different pressures.
  • These are able to provide high thermal efficiency with heavy as well as light loads.

We are offering finest range of cast iron Ball Float Steam Traps to the industry. For more information about our offered products and for price quotation feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you. Your satisfaction is important to us.


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