Cast Steel Thermodynamic Steam Traps

Technical Detail :
Body & Main Bore Cap ASTM A 743, Gr. CA-40
Disc & Filter Cap ASTM A 743, Gr. CA-40
Filter AISI 304
Features Max. Operating Pressure 50 Bar,
Max. Operaitng Temperature 400°C.
Min operating Pressure 0.3 Bar, Max. Back Pressure : 80%;
Size DN 15 – DN 25


Cast steel thermodynamic traps are designed carefully to work between the condensate and the steam. Condensate is done at a lower temperature and this type of steam trap has a port and this port is opened as well as closed too. This function is depending on the temperature of the inlet fluid.  Once the temperature comes above the range then the port becomes closed and similarly once the port remains opened once the temperature fall below. Depending on the actual working system, these valves can be classified as below.

  • Thermostatic with balanced pressure
  • Steam trapes with liquid expansion and bimetal expansion.

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